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Download the Office 2010 Inside Out ebook

Purchasers of Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out will find that, unlike most earlier titles in the Inside Out series, it doesn’t include a companion CD with a PDF version of the book. Lots of folks I know buy an Inside Out book and immediately put the PDF on their hard drive for ready reference, leaving the printed book to languish on a dusty shelf. These folks weren’t pleased to see that no CD is included.

No problem. Although you don’t get a shiny CD, purchasers of the printed book can download a DRM-free PDF file for free. (Free? Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that it’s included in the price of the book.)

Simply go to and enter the coupon code from the card bound into the back of the book. For complete, step-by-step instructions, see the Microsoft Press blog.

Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out review

Author Helen Gallagher has posted a review of Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out over at

It isn’t easy to use these features, but Bott and Siechert explain the steps with great care.

As usual, we tried to keep it light, but…

Because this book skips all the cartoons, jokes, and fluff in other publications, you’ll learn much more than you could just browsing through the programs.

Office 2010 Inside Out is available

Amazon (finally) is reporting that Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out is now “in stock”—and at more than $20 off list, the price is good too. As an alternative to the printed book, the ebook is available in various formats (all DRM-free) at O’Reilly. Or show some love to your local bookseller, whether it’s a struggling megachain or an independent.

You can read an excerpt—a good chunk about OneNote from Chapter 15—at the Microsoft Press blog.

Put Office Inside Out inside your office

Our latest book, Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out, is about to hit the streets. It’s available at Amazon (shipments begin Wednesday, September 29), directly from O’Reilly (where you can save a tree by purchasing an ebook), and (if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby) at fine bookstores everywhere.

Here’s the chapter-level table of contents:

Part 1: Office Fundamentals
Chapter 1: Inside Office 2010 (16 pages)
Chapter 2: Installing and Updating Microsoft Office 2010 (24 pages)
Chapter 3: Using and Customizing the Office Interface (32 pages)
Chapter 4: Managing Office Files (32 pages)
Chapter 5: Entering, Editing, and Formatting Text (42 pages)
Chapter 6: Working with Graphics and Pictures (38 pages)

Part 2: Word
Chapter 7: Inside Word 2010 (56 pages)
Chapter 8: Working with Complex Documents (34 pages)
Chapter 9: Reviewing and Sharing Documents (28 pages)
Chapter 10: Word 2010 Inside Out (34 pages)

Part 3: Excel
Chapter 11: Inside Excel 2010 (44 pages)
Chapter 12: Managing Lists and Data (34 pages)
Chapter 13: Charts and Data Analysis (30 pages)
Chapter 14: Excel 2010 Inside Out (36 pages)

Part 4: OneNote
Chapter 15: Inside OneNote 2010 (34 pages)
Chapter 16: Tagging, Organizing, and Finding Information (24 pages)
Chapter 17: OneNote 2010 Inside Out (30 pages)

Part 5: PowerPoint
Chapter 18: Inside PowerPoint 2010 (36 pages)
Chapter 19: Polishing and Delivering a Presentation (34 pages)
Chapter 20: PowerPoint 2010 Inside Out (38 pages)

Part 6: Outlook
Chapter 21: Inside Outlook 2010 (44 pages)
Chapter 22: Organizing Outlook Information (38 pages)
Chapter 23: Outlook 2010 Inside Out (44 pages)

Part 7: Sharing and Collaborating
Chapter 24: Security, Sharing, and Collaboration (20 pages)
Chapter 25: Using Office in a Web Browser (22 pages)
Chapter 26: Working with SharePoint 2010 (26 pages)