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Download the Office 2010 Inside Out ebook

Purchasers of Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out will find that, unlike most earlier titles in the Inside Out series, it doesn’t include a companion CD with a PDF version of the book. Lots of folks I know buy an Inside Out book and immediately put the PDF on their hard drive for ready reference, leaving the printed book to languish on a dusty shelf. These folks weren’t pleased to see that no CD is included.

No problem. Although you don’t get a shiny CD, purchasers of the printed book can download a DRM-free PDF file for free. (Free? Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that it’s included in the price of the book.)

Simply go to http://microsoftpress.oreilly.com/safarienabled and enter the coupon code from the card bound into the back of the book. For complete, step-by-step instructions, see the Microsoft Press blog.